Monday, January 7, 2008

She don't lie: Mali seizes cocaine on northern border

Malian officials claimed that have seized 750 kilos of cocaine after a two-hour gun battle with smugglers near the country’s northern border. The cocaine, worth $45 million, was found in two abandoned 4x4s.

From the BBC:

“The seizure took place... following a car chase and gun fight, or a battle, you could say, as they had military weapons," a senior Territorial Administration Ministry official told Reuters news agency.

"After two hours of fighting, the smugglers, who were driving three Algerian-registered off-roaders, abandoned two of them, loaded their wounded into the third vehicle and fled over the border," he said.

West Africa has long been thought of a transfer point for South African cocaine entering Europe. In fact, large drug seizures have taken place in Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

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