Friday, January 18, 2008

First pan-Saharan terrorist census conducted

From Africenligne

At least 500 terrorists are going up and down the Sahelo-Saharan strip which runs across Algeria, Mali, Mauritania and Niger, according to an estimate of French intelligence services published on Thursday by the national press.

They said 400 of them were Algerians related to the terrorist Al-Qaeda group in the Maghreb which has claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks perpetrated in Algeria.

Building on phone tapping, French intelligence services believe that terrorists hiding in the Sahelo-Saharan strip are equipped with four-wheel drive vehicles, ultra modern arms and signals equipment.

Note to news editors regarding Paris-Dakar
After spending a few years watching a good deal of Euro Sport, I came away with the conviction that Europeans will race anything with a combustible engine and round wheels. It may strike people strangely, but the salient point of the Sahel’s terrorist threat is not the fact that the Paris-Dakar Rally was cancelled.

As you may gather, people here have other worries.

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