Friday, January 18, 2008

Compromise not averted: Head of West Africa's central bank named

After opposition gelled against Laurent Gbabgo’s controversial first choice for the head of West Africa’s Central Bank, against my prediction, the Ivorian choose a compromise candidate.

A compromise indeed, says Reuters.

Dakoury Tabley, who was a board member for Ivory Coast at the African Development Bank, will take over from Damo Justin Baro of Burkina Faso. Baro had been serving as interim head of the regional central bank for more than a year.

...Dakoury Tabley is the brother of Louis Dakoury Tabley, the deputy political chief of Ivory Coast's New Forces rebel movement, which signed a peace deal with President Laurent Gbagbo in March aimed at reunifying the country and holding elections.

Louis Dakoury Tabley is currently minister for Solidarity and War Victims in the consensus Ivorian government that was formed after the March peace deal.

Now if they can get past outmoded rule of placing an Ivorian at the bank’s head.

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