Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hey, innocents abroad: A warning about America

We like to concentrate on Africa at this site. Not how Americans or Europeans view Africa, but more how Africa sees itself. Of course, it’s very difficult. There’s nearly 900 million Africans, yet I largely side with the people with access to the internet – or those in my personal life. Some international issues have certain effects on Africa, and vice-versa. Finally, I am not African. To me, there's enough relevant information regarding the continent that comes from outside of Africa. Maybe it’s by Africans living abroad or foreigners with a special take on the continent. Maybe it’s a smart-talking dude who makes me laugh. Who knows?

This is all leading somewhere, trust me. It comes in the form of a warning. We at Africa Flak are planning to publish some interviews concerning the upcoming U.S. election(s), investigations into the effects of the U.S. Farm Bill (mainly dealing with agriculture subsidies and food aid resources), and a post analyzing statements made by President George Bush – who is soon to travel to Africa – during his yearly State of the Union Speech.

Anyway, there’s going to be a lot of American-centric news emanating from this site for the next little while. Please be patient. Or, hold your nose. Or do whatever it is you do to accustom yourself to the already daily avalanche of “Let-me-tell-you-this” American-style information.

It’s not that we hate America. There’s just enough noise already coming from their room – and not enough from Africa.

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