Thursday, November 15, 2007

It is easy to help people do nothing

Yaya Bajo, writing in FOROYAA newspaper in Cotonou, Benin, gazed upon the miseries currently afflicting Africa and found a common theme: “The perpetrators of these heinous crimes on our continent are citizens of nowhere but Africa,” Bajo writes. “Their act is tantamount to nothing but cruelty, barbarism and cannibalism. Their "work" has contributed tremendously to the retardation of all meaningful socio-economic developments on our continent.”

Bajo continues:

First and foremost, we the Africans have to take the bull by the horn and accept the fact that our problem has to be solved by ourselves. We need to do away with senseless wars and focus on consolidating democracy, good governance and socio-economic advancement for the benefit of all and sundry.

Additionally, the richest countries need to stem the arms trade to Africa and further redouble their efforts if they are to deliver on their promises to fight against war and poverty in Africa. While progress has been made on debt and aid, trade imbalances between Africa and the rest of the world remain ugly. Also the international community ought to give more help to fight corruption that affect the poor. They should also give more help to countries suffering from wars, disasters or extreme poverty.

In conclusion, I subscribe to the fact that "it is easy to help Africa do nothing. The only people who can really help the Africans are the Africans themselves".

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