Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Africa in their heads

Two views, one continent, 53 countries, 900 million people.

Here in a piece about the worst places in the world to travel, four of which find their homes somewhere in Africa.


Remember the movie by Ridley Scott, Black Hawk Down? It is a movie that bought the ugly conflict in Somalia for mainstream viewing. It is also good to mention that they have no central government and that has been happening since 1991. Somalia is a nice country but if you are planning to travel there, I suggest that you hire your own heavily armed guards. Daily rates for the guards vary from a couple of hundred bucks or several hundred bucks, depending on whom you hire. Failure to do so, may result in death.


The ongoing tension with the government and rebels is what makes this country one of the most dangerous. Not to mention the government backed genocide. Murder and rapes are the two most common things that one can face in Sudan especially if you are in the area of Darfur. If you want to travel to the north make sure you get travelling permits, but for the south no. One should also mention that the south has finally come to peace after the tireless efforts of the late John Darang.


Niger is the world's second most poor country. It is a famine stricken country and there are hundreds of people dying everyday due to malnutrition. The horror is not of being murdered or raped, but it is seeing all these children being starved to death, unless food aid arrives soon.


For a lot of years the Lord Resistance Army have made the region a no-go for travelers. The LRA are known for being the most evil, cold blooded murders on the planet. And it is good to mention that they force children to murder their own family members as part of the indoctrination.

On the other hand, it's a week of positive blogging...This take from Omodudu:

Dear Mum, we are all fine now, it is all good now. The war in Dafur ended and the reconstruction is going on has planned. French NGO's only come to assist the Chadians with Nation building, there is no need to save any 'orphan kid' , because they now have a place of their own. Since the AIDS vaccine was discovered things have turned around for the better. Those in the south now know and feel the meaning of a complete family. Cote- D'Ivoire is alright they made it through the woods. Business is back and cocoa is selling like hot cake. The expatriates came back and the Mapouka night clubs are back open. It is amazing how much transformation can happen within such a short period.

As for the Nigerians, it hard to believe, but they now put their money to good use. Their institutions are flourishing and it hard to believe that they once suffered from a dearth of infrastructure. Mama things done changed. It really has.
The Sudanese, a funny bunch, there is no divisiveness amongst the Arabs and the Blacks anymore, as a matter of fact I attended a mixed wedding on a boat at the banks of the Nile the other day. Oh yes the Americans are still there dancing to country music at the international club, but now the Sudanese are allowed in, sans bomb detectors at the entrance. Isn't that wonderful ma.

Addis is still cold at night, and what a set of fun people. Yes, they are still about their 13 months of sunshine. The Jamaicans still roam freely in Addis. To top it all up, the Moroccan and the Tunisians now call those from Eastern and Western Africa brothers, no more deportation. Once a citizen of Africa, we now roam freely.
Mama things done changed, it really has. Peace.

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