Friday, November 16, 2007

AFRICOM promises

AFRICOM will be responsible for aiding African nations fight poverty, disease, terrorism and a host of other problems afflicting the continent, U.S. officials recently claimed during testimony before Congress.

According to this report:

However, U.S. Africa Command-sponsored initiatives will "support, not supplant, African leadership," Christopher R. Henry, principal deputy undersecretary of defense for policy, told U.S. House Armed Services Committee members at a Capitol Hill hearing.

"The Department of Defense recognizes and applauds the leadership role that Africans, both on a regional and individual basis, and also the African Union, are taking to promote security and stability," Mr. Henry said. "We seek to complement these efforts in a supporting role, not to compete with them in a leadership role."

The U.S. State Department will partner with AFRICOM in assisting Africans to realize improved regional security through employment of more efficient methods to provide emergency humanitarian assistance and in responding to other potential crises, Mr. Mull said.

AFRICOM will not, however, "take the place of the Department of State and of U.S. embassies in the field as the voice of American foreign policy in our relationships with African states and organizations," Mr. Mull emphasized.

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Don Thieme said...

I voted that Africom will be blocked by African nations, wishful thinking on my part. What I actually think is that Africom will chase terrorists into Africa.