Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Senegal human rights campaigner opposes legalized homosexuality

Repercussions still felt in Senegal’s after the arrest – and later release – of men allegedly involved in a same-sex union.


The chairman of the national Council of Amnesty Senegal, Samba Guissé, has called on all affiliate groups of the Senegalese chapter of Amnesty International (AI) to oppose any campaign aimed at legalising homosexuality in the country. In a statement issued here, Guissé urged the various groups to dissociate themselves from the position of the International Human Rights Federation (FIDH) calling on the Senegalese authorities to "review the criminal code with a view to to decriminalising homosexual acts".

Guissé denies FIDH’s claims that "member organisations (including Amnesty International Senegal) had requested the Senegalese authorities to review the criminal code to abolish the criminalisation of homosexuality". He said that rights activists, particularly those belonging to AI Senegal, had no right, even in defence of human rights, to ask Senegal’s core values be ignored and trampled upon.

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