Monday, February 4, 2008

Ghana prepares for a peaceful 2008 election

With more than a slight nod to the post-election crisis in Kenya,

“Our collective efforts, physical, psychological and spiritual should be harnessed positively to ensure a trouble-free pre-election campaign and a post-election atmosphere based upon results that are transparent, justifiable and sustainable.’’

“Political Parties should grow more matured into a state where they can identify more concretely with the national interest; they should again graduate from politicians to statesmen in the national interest.’’

The former National Security Co-ordinator, Mr K. B. Quantson, made these observation at a roundtable discussion on the topic, “Towards a Peaceful Election 2008: The National Security Environment,’’ last Thursday, in Accra.

The roundtable discussion was organised by the Center for Democratic Development (CDD) and aimed at providing a platform for informed discussion of issues pertaining to the National Security environment and its implications for peaceful and credible elections in Ghana in December 2008.

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