Friday, December 14, 2007

Ghana's forest conditions not so dire after all; growing canopies seen in Volta District

Just after reports of Ghana’s disappearing forests, the country has some good news: Forest cover is up in 15 districts in the Volta Region. From the Ghanaian Chronicle:

The Volta Region has been able to increase its forest cover as a result of bilateral cooperation between the Government of Ghana and the German Government, to rehabilitate destroyed forest areas, dubbed Forest Protection and Resource Use Management Project (FORUM).

The project, which has been implemented for the past fifteen years, would come to an end on 28th February 2008, after successfully increasing the forest cover in fifteen districts of the region, including the Nkwanta, Ho, Kpando, Jasikan and South Tongu districts.

Statistics available indicate that, there was an increase in forest cover in forest reserves from 6,000 hectares from 1976 to 14,000 hectares in 2007, and increase in wood-fuel production from small scale plantations from 0.00m3 from 1994 to 50,000m3 in 2007, in the Region.

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