Thursday, December 6, 2007

Breaking News: Jobs, prosperity top reasons why Africans risk all to illegally immigrate to Europe

Just in time for the Europe-African summit in Portugal.
From Reuters.

Like the fabled El Dorado, Europe glitters over the horizon for many poor Africans with its promise of jobs, a better life and escape from poverty.

Lured by this seductive mirage, tens of thousands of Africans trek every year across the deserts of the Sahara or brave the whitecaps of the Atlantic in do-or-die bids to reach Spain or Italy and slip illegally into "fortress" Europe.

"If you're a fisherman here, you're always dreaming of over there," said Ybra Ndiaye, 55, gesturing north over the blue-green waters off Ouakam Beach on Senegal's Cap Vert peninsula. Colourfully painted wooden fishing boats line the strip of sand nestling between rocks and towering cliffs.

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