Friday, March 21, 2008

Government proposed jet purchase still making waves in Ghana

Remember that 16-seat jet the Ghanaian government wants to purchase so the president can fly around? Here’s what Bernard Morna from the Accra-based Committee for Joint Action thinks about it.

Via VOA:

“This is an endorsement of our government’s commitment to use scarce state resources for the benefit of the few that are put in privilege positions. We of the CJA think at this critical moment in our national life majority of our people cannot get water to drink, the government of Ghana would have sufficient resources to put at the disposal of the president for us is a misplaced priority. But like we have always maintained, this can only be an endorsement of the profligacy of our government,” Morna noted.

He described the government plans to buy the jets are detrimental to the well being of the ordinary Ghanaian.

“Clearly, at this critical time one wonders what the priority of our nation is. Is it that of improving the health sector to retain the majority of our doctors as a result of little incomes that they earn?” He asked.

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