Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Liberia: Journalist detained by police and beaten

From the Center for Media Studies and Peace Building in Monrovia:

Officers of the Liberia National Police assigned to the provincial city of Tubmanburg in Bomi county on 1 March 2008 flogged and briefly detained journalist Edwin Clarke of Truth FM Radio, located in Liberia's capital Monrovia.

Journalist Clarke, who had gone to Tubmanburg to follow-up on a news story regarding a stolen child, was ordered beaten by the Commander of the Women and Child Protection unit of the Liberian National Police in Bomi county.

Clarke told CEMESP that he was beaten by five plainclothes Police offficers following a directive by the Police commander.

As a result of the flogging, journalist Clarke sustained injuries on his left hand and parts of his body.


Anonymous said...

There is always a story behind a story. The journalist had personal relationship with one of the suspects and he interferred with the LNP (that's called obstruction of justice where I'm from), and then he started a fist-fight. He was detained for that reason. Please exercise responsible journalism and tell the whole story when you go to print.

Africa Flak said...

Thanks for the comment. In the name of responsible journalism, do you have any proof? I've looked and can't find anything on it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

these are people who do not know nothing and just get up and talk what they have no idea on. First of all do you Journalist Clarke if he stands before youn for you to recognize him. What a shame on this nation and thy people.